Capital Real Estate Investments has earned a solid reputation in the banking and private equity investment community; we have built a strong track record of above market returns on their properties as well as providing a clear, transparent way of doing business with their investment partners.

Capital Real Estate Investments also provides our clients with detailed proformas, cost breakdowns, and banking relationships to help in financing their client’s commercial development projects around the globe.

With Capital Real Estate Investments, you have the ability to sit down with our team of developers, engineers, and architects; design a building to suit your needs; and prepare a detailed proforma. We will even go with you to your lenders to answer any questions about the development and construction process to assist you in securing your financing with the best possible terms.

We believe a solid, 30 year track record, strong relationships, and excellent communication can help our clients and investors accomplish their financial goals when it comes to leasing or purchasing one of our industrial developments.

If you are looking for a financial equity investor that understands this complex market, feel free to contact our team  and sit down with us, so we can help you achieve your goals.